Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special "Success Secrets" Event - Come As You Will Be in 2012

"Come as You Will Be in 2012" Seminar and Party
Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 4:00 -7:00PM
Eastman Gallery, 1110 N. Post Oak Road, Suite 310, Houston, TX 77055

Get ready to live your dreams as a wildly successful artist. Join us for a celebration that will stretch your imagination and catapult you into your own future.

Arrive for the seminar as you will be 5 years from now. Dress in your very best or your very "artiest."

  • First, we'll prepare the "props" to demonstrate our over-the-top successes and creative achievements. Are you on the cover of American Artist magazine? Has your work sold for a record-breaking price? Make it so.
  • Then we'll "practice" living - and partying - as if all our goals have been achieved, and all our dreams have already come true. Have you just returned from your first solo show in Paris? Are you working on a huge commission from a loyal wealthy customer? Tell everyone at the party all about it.

Led by internationally known coach, Colette Streicher, LMSW. Colette is the founder of Creation Mastery and author of the e-book Mpower: How to Manifest Miracles with your Mind! She normally charges $200 for this program -- and she's giving it for Artists Alive and Well at cost. Don't miss this chance to become the Master of your Future!

Tuition: $10 in advance (to cover refreshments); $15 at the door.

Contact Linda Posey for details.

Linda Summers Posey
Founder and President, Artists Alive and Well, Inc.

713-781-1030 -- for fastest response, leave messages at this number

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